10 Essential Supplies for Bullet Journaling Success

Feb 8, 2024 | Bullet Journaling

Are you tired of feeling disorganized and overwhelmed by the myriad of supplies for bullet journaling supplies? That’s why we’ve curated a list of 10 must-have items to streamline your planning process and declutter your creative space. From quality notebooks to versatile markers, these essential supplies will help you stay focused, organized, and inspired without the unnecessary clutter.
Bullet journaling, an increasingly popular productivity method, combines creativity with organization, and it all starts with the right supplies. Whether you’re a seasoned bullet journaler or just discovering its benefits, this article will guide you through the must-have supplies for creating your perfect bullet journal. From colourful pens and washi tape to dot grid notebooks and ruler stencils, get ready to take your productivity and creativity to the next level. So grab your favourite beverage, and let’s dive in!

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Before getting started

Before diving into bullet journaling supplies, remember the most basic tools: a pencil and eraser. These humble tools provide the following:

  • the foundation for your planning process
  • allowing for sketching layouts
  • drafting ideas
  • making adjustments with ease

While they may seem simple, a quality pencil and eraser are essential for refining your designs and ensuring precision in your bullet journal spreads. So, grab your favourite pencil and eraser, and let’s start sketching out your dreams and goals!

Top-ten supplies for bullet Journaling

1. Quality Notebook

Supplies for bullet journaling_journal 01Supplies for bullet journaling_journal 02

Set the foundation for success with a premium-quality notebook that suits your preferences. Whether you prefer ruled, blank, or dot-grid pages, the key is to choose a notebook that you enjoy using, and that complements your bullet journaling style. However, many in the bullet journaling community prefer dot-grid layouts for optimal versatility and aesthetics. Dot-grid provides the structure of a grid without being intrusive, allowing for precise layouts, drawings, and doodles while maintaining a clean appearance.

When selecting a notebook, pay attention to paper quality to prevent issues such as ghosting or bleeding from markers and pens. Look for notebooks with thick, acid-free paper that can withstand various media without compromising the integrity of your spreads. Additionally, consider using fine-liner pens or markers designed explicitly for bullet journaling to minimize the risk of bleed-through and ensure crisp, legible entries on every page. By prioritizing paper quality and pen compatibility, you can create a bullet journal that looks great and stands the test of time.

Pictured above is my first dot-grid bullet journal by Yop & Tom.

2. Fine-liner Pens

Supplies for bullet journaling_fineliners

Keep your writing crisp and precise with fine-liner pens that offer consistent ink flow and smooth performance. Choose a few colours that complement your style and workflow, minimizing decision fatigue and maximizing productivity. There are a myriad of differnt fine-liners out there, from Sharpie, to PaperMate, Stabilo and my favourite three by Faber Castell.

3. Quality Marker Set

Supplies for bullet journaling_Pens and markers

Invest in a versatile marker set that combines the best of both worlds: brush tips for expressive calligraphy and thick/fine tips for detailed work. Brush tips offer fluidity and variation in line width, perfect for adding artistic flair to your bullet journal headers, titles, and accents. Experiment with different pressures and angles to create beautiful lettering and decorative elements. Meanwhile, thick and fine tips provide precision and control for outlining, colouring, and highlighting. Whether you’re doodling, colouring, or writing, a quality marker set opens up endless possibilities for creativity in your bullet journal. I love my Dual Brush Pen Sets by Tombow and the inexensive Crayola SuperTips.

4. Washi Tape

washi tape

Embrace the decorative charm of washi tape to add personality and flair to your bullet journal without cluttering your pages. Select a few favourite patterns or themes to create borders, dividers, and accents that reflect your unique style and aesthetic.

5. Stencils

Simplify your layout design and maintain consistency with a small selection of essential stencils. Choose versatile shapes and icons that align with your planning needs, allowing for quick and easy customization without excessive tools or time designing your page spreads.

6. Card Stock Paper

cardstock and old calendar

Elevate your bullet journal spreads with card stock paper, a versatile material that adds texture, depth, and style to your planner. Use it to create custom inserts, dividers, and embellishments that reflect your unique personality and aesthetic. Experiment with cutouts, tear-outs, and layering techniques to add visual interest and dimension to your pages. Don’t overlook the potential of repurposing old magazines or calendars for colourful and eclectic accents in your bullet journal. With card stock paper, the only limit is your imagination.

7. Planner StickersFriends themed journaling stickers by Conquestjournal.com

Enhance your planning experience with a curated collection of functional and decorative stickers that complement your style and workflow. Choose a few favourite sets or themes to add visual interest and organization to your spreads without overwhelming your pages. I found these adorable Friends-themed stickers at Conquestjournal.com.

8. Portable Scissors

portable scissors with blade cover

Stay prepared for crafting sessions on the go with a pair of compact and travel-friendly scissors that fit seamlessly into your pencil case or planner pocket. Opt for safety and convenience with retractable blades that minimize clutter and maximize functionality.

9. Ruler


Maintain clean lines and precise measurements in your bullet journal layouts with a transparent ruler that offers both accuracy and versatility. Select a single ruler with grid markings to streamline your planning process.

10. Storage Pouch

pencil case

Keep your essential supplies organized and accessible with a compact storage pouch that fits neatly inside your journal or bag. Choose a pouch with multiple compartments to store pens, markers, and accessories, ensuring everything has its place without cluttering your workspace.

Summary: Essential Supplies for Bullet Journaling

Simplify your bullet journaling experience with these ten essential supplies that streamline your planning process and declutter your creative space. By focusing on quality over quantity and selecting items that align with your style and workflow, you can create a journal that inspires productivity, creativity, and organization without overwhelming your busy life. Embrace simplicity and enjoy the freedom of a clutter-free bullet journaling journey.

Are you excited to elevate your bullet journaling experience? Keep returning to this page for more essential tips and tricks to enhance your planning journey. Remember to follow us on social media for daily inspiration and updates! Let’s embark on this creative journey together.

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