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Mistakes, they are bound to happen. Maybe you misspelled a word, or a line is too long, or it does not look as pretty as you had hoped for. No matter your experience level you probably have had or will have to fix mistakes in your bullet journal. Let’s get creative, take out the magic bullet journal wand and fix mistakes. It is actually very simple and here are four different ways to fix mistakes in your bullet journal. Let’s get started.

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Mistake cover-up

The first method is the one where you can get really creative and gives you the most options.

  • Colour
    Try to colour-over or colour-in lines that might have gotten messed up.
  • Washi Tape
    Simply stick Washi tape over your mistake
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  • Craft paper
    Find a piece of craft paper or newspaper/magazine cut out, cut it into the right size and glue it into your journal.
    fix mistakes with washi tape | www.westcoastdreaming.comOr you can also use smaller pieces of paper and make it a theme:
  • Draw over
    Similar to the colour method, you can try to draw over your mistake.
  • White out
    Use White-out to cover up your mistake and then try again
  • Sticker
    Simply add a cute sticker

Add pages to your bullet journal

If you are eager like me, you might also had a time when you realized that you planned too far ahead in your bullet journal, but forgot to leave room for a double spread. *guilty* Check out my solution of how I added a double spread to my first bullet journal.

Live with it

This is actually one of my favourites. Being somewhat of a perfectionist, i was surprised when I realized, that I can live with some of the mistakes.  I simply write “Oh no!” or “Oups!” next to and then laugh about it. Every time I see it again, I have to chuckle. It works every single time.

Last resort

Yes, it might have to happen. If all else fails, you can always rip out/cut out the page or glue pages together. Personally, I find the other methods much more charming and authentic though.

It is human to make mistakes or not being entirely happy with how a page looks. Don’t fret, leave the perfectionist be and keep practicing. The more you do,  the easier spreads and trackers will flow from your pen. I promise.

How do you like to fix mistakes in your bullet journal? I would love to hear from you.