Holiday Gift Guide for The Planner Enthusiast

Nov 27, 2023 | Planners, Bullet Journaling

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Do you need the perfect gift for the Planner Enthusiast in your life? Look no further! We’ve curated a selection of thoughtful and stylish gifts that align with their passion for organization, creativity, and self-improvement. These gifts are sure to bring joy and inspiration to their planning journey.

1. Customizable Planner

Gift them a planner that suits their unique style and needs. Look for ones with customizable covers, dividers, and layout options. Personalization is key for the Planner Enthusiast. We can recommend Happy Planners, our Three Month Planner or for ultimate customization, the Minimalist Planner Kit.

2. Quality Pens and Markers Set

Elevate their planning experience with a set of high-quality pens and markers in various colours. Smooth, vibrant inks will make their notes and doodles stand out. We love Tombow or Ohuhu markers.

3. Aesthetic Washi Tape Collection

Add a touch of creativity to their planner with a set of aesthetically pleasing washi tapes. Look for themed collections or a mix of patterns to complement their style.

4. Stylish Planner Accessories

Explore accessories like metallic paper clips, magnetic bookmarks, and decorative sticky notes. These small additions can make a big impact on the overall planner aesthetic.

5. Digital Planner Apps or Subscription

For the tech-savvy Planner Enthusiast, consider a subscription to a premium digital planner app. Look for features like syncing across devices and customizable templates.

6. Goal-Setting Journal

Gift them a journal designed explicitly for goal-setting and personal development. Choose one with prompts, trackers, and reflection sections to inspire continuous growth. The Three Month Planner combines goal-setting with a minimalist design and the customizability of a personal planner.

7. Inspiring Books on Productivity and Creativity

Select books that align with their interests in productivity and creativity. Titles on time management, goal achievement, and creative pursuits can be both motivational and educational. Here is a recommendation about the the top five productivity books.

8. Desk Organizer or Storage Solutions

Help them tidy their planning space with a stylish desk organizer or storage solutions. Consider options with compartments for pens, notebooks, and planner accessories.

9. Online Skill Development Course

If they enjoy learning new skills, consider gifting them an online course related to their interests, such as graphic design, hand lettering, or digital planning techniques.

Remember to consider their preferences, whether they lean toward minimalistic designs, vibrant colours, or a mix of both. Tailoring the gift to their style ensures a thoughtful and meaningful present for the Planner Enthusiast in your life.

Happy gifting!



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