Ideas on how to overcome these three major challenges

Aug 15, 2018 | Dreaming

Ideas on how to overcome these three major challenges: Health, Money and Time are the most common factors that hold you back in achieving your goals |
When you think about your dream, what are the main challenges you are facing? Is it time, money or health?


This would be the biggest item I would say. If you have the time, skill and money to live your dream, but are not healthy enough to do so, those assets become meaningless.

Your situation is as unique as you are. Evaluate your personal situation and see where you can find help. Some health-related challenges you might be able to overcome yourself, but many others you might not be able to do so.

For example, I was struggling with a very bad back, with arthritis pain so severe that sometimes I would not be able to get out of bed. It was debilitating. I spoke to many people, doctors and practitioners about it. What helped me, in the end, was strengthening my core by doing Pilates, changing my diet and adding supplements to my daily regime. When I was at my worst, I could not even begin to imagine that I would feel that much better as I do now. Often there is a way.

However, just as often, you need to seek help. I sought help as long as I needed to find the way that worked for me. Believe you can get better, seek help and listen to your gut.


The second biggest obstacle to fulfilling your dreams is probably money because if you had enough money, you probably would also have enough money to make time for your dream.

So, yes, this is also a tricky one. Just because you want it, money will probably not rain down on you. Try to find avenues that are available to you:

  • How much money does it actually cost to make your dream a reality?
  • Can you earn more in the job you are currently in? Will this be enough?
  • Could you find a new job that pays more?
  • Can you learn more skills to get a higher-paid position?
  • Can you find an additional way to make more money?
  • If you have said no to all of those, can you tweak your dream to get even a little closer?

Let’s say your dream is to sing professionally. Could you join a choir or a band? Can you connect to someone who shares your dream and you could practice together? Or in my case, does it have to be your own horse? Could you start saving money for lessons and then find out if you could help out with chores in the barn to get the lessons cheaper? Once you have come to a step or even a few steps closer to your dream, you will connect with people that might help you along the way.


Time challenge can also be a huge obstacle in your path to success.

For many parents, their day might look like this:

  • Get up and ready to go
  • Get the children fed, dressed and ready to go
  • Drop them off at daycare or school, drive to work.
  • WORK.
  • Drive home (prime time to figuring out what’s for dinner),
  • Ppick up kids from daycare or school,
  • Come home, make dinner,
  • Spend time as a family,
  • Help with homework,
  • Get them changed, bathed, teeth and hair brushed,
  • Read stories, say goodnight,
  • Clean up kitchen, make lunch and breakfast.

By that time, a lot of parents (like me) are so exhausted that they happily turn to their couches, without any energy to work out, learn, spend time with your hobby or even realize your dream. Dun, dun, Dunn.

Does this sound familiar?

I know, and I only have one. How other parents handle more than one is beyond me.

However, even with a tightly packed day, I am certain there are some things that could be tweaked to bring you more flow.

Time management, getting organized and prepared in advance are your friends.

Record where you spend your time for a few days and see how you can find room to improve.

  • Can you cook in batches
  • Get groceries delivered?
  • Could you get children more involved in daily chores and routines?

Get organized and prepared for the day ahead in the evening to de-stress your morning routine. The possibilities are endless.

Good luck and have fun tweaking.

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