Six Simple Layouts to Start a Bullet Journal

Oct 29, 2018 | Bullet Journaling

Six Simple Layouts to Start a Bullet Journal (plus 10 bonus spread ideas)

So you have decided to start a bullet journal but don’t know where to start? You are not alone AND there is help. This article will show you how to start a bullet journal with six simple page layouts, that you will not only be able to reproduce in minutes but more importantly will set you up for success.

Ever since I’ve embarked on this blogging journey, I have started to use a journal to track my progress, to do’s, ideas, colour codes for branding and many more things. And I actually did not plan on starting a bullet journal, it just happened.

I have always been an organized person, and for the longest time have been in love with journals. I started a few but gave up quickly, because I either did not know what to write in them or I hated how the pages looked.

Do you remember this?

dr henry jones diary


This is probably where my love for journals started, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. What can I say, it happens. 😉

I wanted to possess and create a wondrous journal that was filled with mysteries and would lead to uncovering great secrets. “Yeah, sure. Dream on.” I said to myself for the longest time. What would I ever have to put into such a journal?? I collected journals and never wrote anything in it, or threw them out after the first few pages.

This is exactly where your bullet journal comes in. It keeps you organized, on your way to success and is a beautiful outlet for creative energy, if you so wish.

Artsy vs minimalistic?

But Nikola, I am really not the artsy type and I don’t have time to adorn all those pages.

Do not worry. You don’t have to.  I’ll show you how to create simple layouts within a few minutes, that you could beautify very easily or just leave them the way they are.

I think I said it before, but here it is again: Your journal is there for you! Not the other way around. It will be whatever you need it to be. Minimalistic, in-between or super creative.

So here are the sample spreads I promised you:

Start with a key page:

The key page acts as a dictionary or legend for your bullet journal entries and as you will have decided in the beginning what a task or a note will look like, you won’t be tempted to change them every week. Consistency is key 😉 Pun absolutely intended. This page took me no more than 5 min to set up!

Index page

Bujo-Index |

The index page will fill over time and become the quick finder to any page. So index away, baby. This page took me also no more than 5-7 min to set up. Find this super simple tangle pattern that I used for this headline here.

IDEA: Maybe you want to add a Birthdays page after the index page

Future log

Bujo-Future Log |

A yearly or six months overview where you will write down events occurring in future months. I love the simplicity of this page with the colours highlighting the weekends, letting the page come to life. This took about 10-12 min to do. Writing down the numbers took the longest.

Monthly log

Bujo-Montly Log |

Organize your month on two facing pages that will give you a snapshot of the month and most often reserves space for your tasks. Again, this is a 10-12 min page. If you have never done a monthly spread you will find yourself counting and measuring with this layout. I promise, about 10 min maximum. A craft print adds colour to the page. Glue on and done.

Page IDEAS to add after the monthly log:

Gratitude challenge |

Weekly and Daily logs

BuJo-Weekly-spread |

Plan out your week in advance and be amazed at the progress you will make on your tasks. 5 min for set-up.

Page IDEAS to add after the weekly log:

  • Favourite quote
  • List all the things that made you smile this week
  • Notes section

Here is a quote that I made in no more than 3 min.

how to create a cool quote for your bujo |

And my absolute new favourite, a mood tracker for the entire year! So simple!

BuJo Mood Tracker |

Don’t stress if your first layouts don’t look like you are imagining them to come together. You’ll get better very fast. 10-12 min! How I love the craft duck tape and washi tape. *sigh*

Let me know how your Journal comes along.

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